Are You of Clustered Afraid of Holes?

Have you ever felt anxious when you see a hole in the road or a pot? Or are you nervous when someone will bring a cheese with lots of holes in front of you? If yes, you might have trypophobia. This is a strange fear of holes that some people possess. They are afraid that they will fall into these holes until eternity. Some just think that it is very dark inside these holes and that alone gives them a creepy feeling.

Fear of holes is a condition that affects quite a few people. Aside from holes, they are also scared of things that are in clusters. These include the middle part of a sunflower and spider eggs. Some people become hysterical if they see shapes of circles that are grouped together. This fear of clusters and holes is known as trypophobia. There are various types of fear of holes. Some of people are scared of holes that were created by nature like rocks, stones or even ground.

Over the years, the air or the water in the ocean creates a hole in these rocks. Others are scared of potpourri that lots of people use as room fresheners. The dried seeds in it trigger the fear of clusters and holes to some people. Even by just looking at pictures that are contains clusters of holes in it is already making other people feel nausea. Do a research on your end and know deeper what trypophobia is all about so that you can overcome your fear with holes.


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Fear of Holes

If you have fear of holes, you have trypophobia. It is an intense dread and anxiety for holes. The sufferer has an intense fear of clustered holes with things inside it. This fear is persistent and irrational since the fear has no basis at all. What are the causes and how can it affect you? People suffering from trypophobia might feel anxious, uneasy, nervous, dread, weird, strange and intense feelings every time they see images of clustered holes.

Usually, people who have trypophobia are afraid of clustered holes in skin, meat, wood, plants, coral, sponges, mould, dried seed pods and honeycomb. These can make them feel that their skin is crawling, shudder, feel itchy and physically sick when seeing these images because they really find it disgusting and gross. Some of these people think that something might be living inside those holes and some of them are afraid that they might fall in these holes. This phobia makes them upset and it can trigger a panic attack that will give them an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling like trembling, perspiration, shortness of breath, shaking, palpitations, dizziness and nausea.

What is the cure for this condition? These are not substitute to medical assessment but you can use it as your guide to overcome your fear. The remedies include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, professional advice, counseling, drugs, self-help books and medications. Just take note of these therapies and you will surely find yourself slowly progressing and in no time you will find yourself not having the phobia anymore.



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