Trypophobia Triggers

This Facebook group is for individuals obsessed with Trypophobic trigger images and the sensations that come from them. Feel free to post anything you think triggers, enhances, or mitigates your Trypophobia. Please be advised that if you are sensitive to Trypophobic pictures and their effects this may not be the group for you. We recommend you joining our Trypophobia support group instead. 



Trypophobia Support Group

This Facebook group exists to provide support to sufferers of Trypophobia. It is not allowed to post any images related to Trypophobia in this group. Help cure your Trypophobia by seeing how it affects other people and how they cope with this debilitating fear. If a text based support group isn’t extreme enough to cure your cravings for all things Trypophobia we recommend you joining our Trypophobia triggers group instead.