Top 10 Products to Help Cure Trypophobia

Trypophobia: Real Terrifying and you definitely have it

This book is all about Trypophobia. It is a must have for any Trypophobe. You will learn all about the condition. You will also learn, if you don’t know already, that you are not the only one who suffers from it. It is a great resource for understanding and overcoming this phobia.The first step to overcome a problem, including phobias, is to understand the problem. When you know the issue and the root cause behind it, you can then create a plan for how to solve it.  It outlines tips and methods that you can use to help yourself overcome your fear. This book can save you a lot of time and money versus going to see a therapist. This is also a great resource for the friends and family of Trypophobes, 

All Natural Stress Relief Anti-Anxiety Supplement

This supplement serves to help the user maintain a calm and positive mood. It relieves stress, promotes a feeling of overall well-being, and supports calmness. These are all very effective for Trypophobia. This is an all natural product made from herbs and natural ingredients, so it is safe to use, and you won’t have to worry about becoming addicted to it. Prescription medicine is one treatment for Trypophobia, but you have to have a severe case of it, and you have to see a therapist to get it. Prescription medicine usually has a lot of side effects as well. This over the counter supplement can be a cheaper and safer alternative for those with more mild to moderate cases of Trypophobia. It has very positive reviews, and has helped people with many psychological problems.

Fix Your Phobia in 90 Minutes

The book is a quick and simple read which contains information on what phobias are and science behind them. By the time you finish reading it, you will know exactly what to do when you are facing your fear. It will help you to treat the symptoms of Trypophobia in the short term, and may help you to be cured of if in the long term. Fix your Phobia in 90 Minutes? Could it be that easy? The author, Anthony Gunn, had a phobia of medical procedures himself and was able to overcome it, and now as a psychologist he is able to help other people overcome theirs. He believes that phobias are learned behaviors and that they can be unlearned. Fix your phobia in 90 minutes goes through ten easy steps that help you to overcome your fears. 

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

This Essential Oil is extracted from Lavender plants and is used to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and it smells great too. It is simple and easy to use, but can have a powerfully calming effect on the user. Essential oils are known for their use in promoting health. The product states that it: “Promotes Calm, Relaxation, Peaceful Sleep, Tension Relief, and Skin Irritation Soothing”. This Lavender essential oil can help you to calm down and relax, which is exactly what one needs when they are having a reaction to a trigger. The product also helps skin irritation which is one of the most common symptoms of Trypophobia.

Goodbye Anxiety: Goodbye Fear

This sound track features calming background music with the voice of Roberta Shapiro going through psychological techniques to help you calm your fears and anxiety. She has worked to help people overcome their fears for over twenty years and has created this CD so you can experience her methods for treating phobias. She talks you through your fear with hypnosis and meditation. Although, this is listed for specified fears like that of driving or flying, it can really be used any fear. This is a great way to help calm down a Trypophobe and alleviate the discomfort, itching, nausea, and other symptoms caused by Trypophobia.

My Strange Addiction

This television series showcases people who have “strange” addictions and how medical professionals help them to overcome their addictions. From one woman addicted to eating toilet paper to a man addicted to eating glass, the show includes a variety of people with unusual addictions. Some might consider Trypopohobia an unusual fear. Watching others overcome their addictions can help to see how you might overcome your fear of irregular holes.  You can see the consequences that these addictions have on the lives of these individuals and relate it to how much your phobia is affecting your life, though it is in a different way.

Calming Your Anxious Mind

This book will help teach you about how the mind and body create anxiety and fear. Then it will teach you how to calm that anxiety and fear.  It will help you to open yourself up to the feeling of fear and then how to better control it. The primary method it uses to teach you this is meditation. You will learn how to meditate and how to use meditation to calm your mind and body. Then you will be in more control of your Trypophobia.  Many of the reviews state how the readers were able to turn on and off their mind. They learned how to really control it. Many say it is exactly what they needed and a must have for those with anxiety, which is also related to Trypophobia.

Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner offers a simple way for them to get their mind off of the images that they saw and get back to their life. The spinner rides on ball bearings in the center of the spinner that allow it to rotate smoothly and for long periods of time after someone spins it. Spinning the device repeatedly and performing a variety of tricks that can be done, serves as a great way to distract the Trypophobe from the images that have terrified them and reduce the anxiety caused by the stimuli. Many find this little device addicting and a lot of fun. It is small, so you can take it anywhere that a trigger might be found. This is a great calming tool that you can always keep with you and it comes in a variety of designs and colors.

Pets Posters & Large Picture Cards

One method for treating Trypopohobia is called exposure therapy, in which Trypophobia inducing images are shown to the patient, then a comforting image is shown. This helps to desensitize the patient to these trigger images and thus overcome their fear. Cards and posters like the ones in this set can be used as those comforting images in the process of exposure therapy. The posters included in this set are of common pets (on the website there are other options for the cards like farm or wild animals). They can be hung up in a room to create a more calming atmosphere for a Trypophobe. The cards that come with the set in like manner can be used as a more portable means. The cards can be flipped through sequentially to impress a more appealing image into the mind of the Trypophobe. They are a great way to calm someone down, especially if they are a child suffering with the phobia.

Find Momo: A Photography Book

This New York Times Best Selling Book features photos of a Border Collie dog hidden amongst other objects and scenery. The book features beautiful photography from a variety of places. The effect of viewing the photos in this book and the added fun of finding Momo can be very soothing. The plus with this book is that it not only has images that can calm down a Trypophobe, but it offers the challenge to find Momo.  Looking for Momo in the images requires some focus as one scans the images for Momo. This distracts the Trypophobe from the images that triggered fear. This is a simple and portable way to help comfort and distract a Trypophobe that works for all ages. If you find yourself wanting more of Momo, the author has even created two more books, so that you can keep your attention away from your phobia.