What is Trypophobia?

If you will search the meaning of this word in the dictionary, you will surely find nothing because this word has not been recognized yet. In order for you to really know the meaning of this word, you need to dissect the word to its component parts so that somehow you will have a clue on what it really is about. So how will you know if you have trypophobia? Do you think that having fear with holes is strange? Does it make you uncomfortable by just looking at it?

Try searching on the internet and you will see that you are not alone. Trypophobia is a fear of holes with things inside it. If you see these images, you might feel that your skin is crawling, itching and creepy feeling. What is a phobia? Phobia is an irrational fear of an object and when you say irrational, it means that it has no basis. So if you have trypophobia, it only means that you are afraid of holes without any reason.

Trypo means punching holes and phobia means fear. This will greatly affect your every day activity if you will let this fear overwhelm you so it is a must for you to do something to cure this fear. You can go for diversion for temporary relief and for the permanent one, you can go for meditation. It is very difficult to avoid seeing round shape because they are everywhere so this fear must be address immediately to prevent your condition from deteriorating.



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