What is Trypophobia?

How will you know if you are trypophobic? It is said that you have trypophobia if you have fear of holes or fear of holes in the skin. These holes are not big but people who have this condition will feel discomfort and itchiness every time they see these holes. Nowadays, people who have trypophobia are not only afraid of the holes in their body but they are also afraid of bot flies. Even the skin pores can cause anxiety to them because they think that those holes will become big and will distort their skin.

On the other hand, there are people who are afraid of insect bites because they think that it will create a hole on their skin. Bot flies are just one of the insects that they are afraid of since they believe that these flies are using human body for hosting their larvae creating a hole on their skin. Most people are not aware that this condition can be treated easily. They can do behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy or both cognitive and behavioral therapy and the last one is neuro-linguistic programming.

The main goal of these treatments is to divert the attention of the people who are suffering with this condition. This will help them to become more productive and separate the real ones from the unreal. By just cooperating with these treatments, surely, they will overcome their fear in no time. It is normal to have fears but overcoming it is a great achievement.

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